Health and Safety

Our Beliefs

There is nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of our employees and those who live and work adjacent to our operations.

  • All injuries and work related illnesses can, and must be prevented.
  • Management is accountable for health and safety performance.
  • Communication, engagement and training of all employees are essential elements in health and safety excellence.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to prevent injuries and illnesses.
  • All employees are accountable for working safely.

Our Commitment

We will work relentlessly towards a goal of zero injuries and illnesses.

  • Perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the applicable regulations.
  • Identify and evaluate health and safety risks to ensure that hazards are eliminated or controlled.
  • Establish an effective process for preventing all injuries and work related illnesses. Any accident in this company will be viewed as a serious matter and will be thoroughly investigated.
  • Build a culture with positive leadership and clear accountability.
  • Investigate all incidents in order to prevent a recurrence and stop unsafe work.
  • Obtain input from employees and their representatives on health and safety issues and promote a healthy workplace.
  • Meet or exceed all legal requirements wherever we operate.
  • Lower our carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency and optimizing energy performance.