About us

Our mission

Deliver superior quality drilling and blasting services and develop innovative and profitable business solutions for both our clients and our shareholders in a secure work environment for all.

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Our history

Founded by six Castonguay brothers in 1971, the company specialized itself in drilling and blasting operations for quarries, open pit mining and civil engineering works.

The company was a family business for more than 35 years before being briefly passed on to a multinational (2007-2011), and then being sold again to a family group of private investors who managed to reinstate the family business atmosphere that had previously made the business’ success.

With almost 50 years of experience to its credit, Castonguay Blasting has become a leader in its field, and has managed major projects throughout Canada as well as abroad.

With business offices in Sherbrooke, Sudbury, Val-d’Or, Gatineau and Thunder Bay, our management and supervision team cumulates nearly 200 years of experience, and we are very proud to count some of North America’s best drillers and blasters on our production team.

Our values


Our main value is respect, i.e. respect for our employees, clients and suppliers.

We respect our employees. Since we know that they are the core of our business, we offer them good quality working conditions to ensure their dedication and loyalty to the company.

We respect our customers. We make sure to offer them the best business solutions available while conforming to their work ethics, standards and timeframes. We respect our suppliers. Consequently, we are honest and fair in our business transactions.

Health and safety

In the course of its work, Castonguay Blasting strives to avoid any prejudice to its employees and to the surrounding communities. This aim is achieved through rigorous health and safety training of its team members as well as the application of health and safety standards and regulations in the work place.

Castonguay Blasting does its best to reduce the use of dangerous substances to a bare minimum; to meet and even to exceed regional government standards and regulations; to pinpoint and to eliminate risks; as well as to respond adequately in case of an emergency or an accident.


For over fifty years, our services have been synonymous with quality, be it the blasted material’s fragmentation or the precision of our drilling work. Using proven work methods and state of the art equipment, our operations team takes pride in offering our clients superior quality results, whatever the type and scope of the project.


Active both in Canada and abroad, Castonguay Blasting cares about the environment and works hard for its preservation by keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. To do so, the company makes sure to cut down on its use of dangerous substances in favour of biodegradable versions of the products; prioritizes the use of fuel efficient equipment; ensures dangerous substances are handled and disposed of in an efficient manner; and complies with dust emission standards during its drilling and blasting operations.

“We are committed to the protection of the environment”

Operating safely and responsibly is key to our business success. Following legislative requirements as well as our environmental policies, we will ensure the preservation of our valuable resources.

Our environmental objectives

  •  Minimize our carbon footprint
  • Spill prevention
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Minimize waste
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Environmental reporting and compliance
  • Paperless technologies
  • Implementing new technologies