Our services

Castonguay Blasting masters the art and science of drilling and blasting in mining, quarry and civil engineering work. Whatever the work environment, Castonguay always prioritizes work safety and precision.


In open pit mines, taking advantage of the ore’s grade and avoiding excessive dilution are complex tasks that require the intervention of drilling and blasting experts. Having worked closely with many mining companies worldwide, our team of specialists has acquired very specific knowledge in this field.

This expertise combined with one of Canada’s most important equipment fleet allows Castonguay Blasting to easily adapt to production variations and unpredictable weather conditions.

In short, Castonguay Blasting is capable of tackling short timeframes, complex projects as well as difficult weather conditions, which make it the leader in the field of open pit mining.


Castonguay Blasting’s team always works closely with the quarries’ operators, thus making sure that the material’s fragmentation is appropriate.

Over the years, Castonguay Blasting has adapted its work methods to meet the demand for work near populated areas. We use state of the art seismographs to monitor blasting activity tremors in such zones.

Civil engineering

Whether it be major hydro-electric projects, new commercial or residential developments, road construction, or oleoduct, sewage or piping system installations, our vast experience and expertise and state of the art equipment enables us to undertake a wide range of civil engineering works.