Career opportunities

At Castonguay Blasting, respect and pride are fundamental values in our relationship with employees, clients and suppliers. Working at Castonguay means working in a sound and respectful environment where autonomy and excellence are highly valued. We offer our people a very stimulating and rewarding work environment. As far as we’re concerned, each team member is part of the Castonguay’s DNA!

Since success is synonymous with quality at Castonguay Blasting, we look for people who value their work and who are prepared to offer services that meet our clients’ expectations. Here is an overview of the jobs that make up our company’s workforce.


The blaster acts as a work team’s leader. Since nothing can be left to chance when working with explosives, the blaster must make sure to closely follow plans and specifications and, along with the other members of the team, pay very close attention to health and safety matters on the worksite.


A driller’s work is demanding and full of challenges. Working on very steep terrain while strapped to a winch, conducting drilling operations in Canada’s northernmost regions, participating in large-scale mining projects abroad – these are but a few of the challenges offered with the job.


Heavy machinery mechanics is a complex and fascinating job. Our mechanics are offered means and tools that allow them to perform work our competitors can only dream of. Whether working indoors in one of our workshops or outdoors directly on site, our mechanics can truly live their passion thoroughly.

Office staff

Our team is well aware that mutual help and support are two key components of a project’s success. Since our group of professionals working in accounting, purchasing, engineering and human resources is vital to our company, we offer them, among other things, advantageous pay and a collaborative work environment.

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