We are equipped to take on any type of work, whatever the project’s scope or type of terrain. From a simple drilling pattern to a specialized drilling and blasting project, we have the right equipment for the job.

Since our equipment fleet had to match our professional expertise, we have purchased the best drilling equipment available on the market. We have even developed our very own down-the-hole drilling rigs whose agility, performance and precision allows us to work in the most difficult to access places.

Production drilling rigs

For big mining projects with tight schedules and high production requirements, we use proven drilling rigs such as the DML and the Pit Viper by Atlas Copco. These world renowned drills can drill up to 270 mm diameter holes all the way down to a depth of 62.5 meters.




The Mustang

Just like a mountain goat, our Mustang drill is perfectly at ease on inclines and steep hills. Its size, design and weight allow it to access areas out of bounds to other drilling rigs with the same capacity.

Powered by a mobile air compressor, this down-the-hole drill is equipped with an 11-metre boom. Thanks to its 6-metre drill pipes, it can quickly and precisely drill up to 216 mm diameter holes to a depth of 75 m. This unique characteristic makes the Mustang the perfect choice for large diameter development drilling since it allows to do the work without having to bring in fill material and create additional access to the site. It is also a logical choice for any type of production drilling and preshear drilling work.

The Le Roi

Similar to the Mustang, this all-terrain hydraulic drilling rig can be remote-controlled, which makes it ideal in areas where there is a risk for the operator, such as ground collapse or non-blasted holes.

Equipped with a 9-metre mast and 4.5-metre drill pipes, this machine can drill up to 228 mm diameter holes and a depth of 100 metres thanks to its down-the-hole hammer powered by a mobile air compressor.


To get the air pressure we need to adequately power our exclusive down-the-hole drilling rigs, we use a fleet of various-sized mobile compressors that allow us to adapt to the diameter and the depth of the holes to drill as well as to the type of rock we are drilling. Our state of the art compressors offer excellent performances both on the work and environmental levels since they are fuel efficient, have low CO2 emissions and are relatively quiet. Mounted on wagon or tandem frames, they can be hitched to the drilling rig, and their long air hose can be easily handled on drilling patterns.

Top hammer drills

For work projects requiring a quick and efficient drilling rig – remote-controlled or not – we can offer our clients several types of rigs that can handle drilling patterns between 64 and 165 mm in diameter and up to depths of 30 metres. We have over 50 top hammer drilling rigs that can undertake projects of any scope.